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Accelerate Your Future at SoCal ROC!

Our Veterinary Assistant course is an introductory course designed to act as a starting point for students interested in pursuing a career working with animals as an animal trainer, veterinarian, zookeeper and so much more! Upon successful completion of this course, students will be qualified to compete for Veterinary Assistant position and have fundamental knowledge to further their course of study at SoCal ROC and take our Veterinary Science course!

Employment opportunities include entry level positions in animal veterinary hospitals, boarding
kennels, and animal control agencies. Successful completion may strengthen the student’s ability
to seek admission to programs of higher education in the veterinary field for licensed animal health
technician or veterinarian. Students will have the option of being able to participate in an
externship opportunity.

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

Students will learn animal behavior, animal handling and restraint, health and safety procedures, sanitation, surgical preparation, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, infectious diseases, instrument and equipment identification, vaccine preparation and injection techniques, laws and ethics, radiograph techniques and veterinary office procedures.

Professional Certification Opportunities!

Designations offered to students completing the Veterinary Assistant course

- A Certificate of Competency 

- Eligibility to take our Veterinary Science course

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

Veterinary Assistant
Veterinary Technician
Animal Scientist
Animal Trainer



Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the SoCal ROC Veterinary Assistant course.

In order to enroll in the program, students must:

High school 

  •  Open to Grade Levels 9-12th
  •  Have a "C" or better in Math and Science


Purchase of apparel and materials is required for adults, but is optional for our district high school students. Please contact registration for full list.

Complete in 1 Semester: M-Th from 4:15pm - 7:00pm

To access the most recent course schedule please call registration or click the link under Course Information. Please be advised schedule is subject to change and dependent on enrollment

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