Financial Support

Interested in Advancing Your Career but not sure if you can afford it financially. Here at SoCal ROC we completely understand and provide several different options for tuition assistance. Along with partnering with agencies such as the Department of Rehabilitation, South Bay Workforce Investment Board, and CA Employment Development Department we also offer a 20% fee waiver program to those who qualify. In addition, students can sign up for the SoCal ROC Reimbursement Program an initiative of the US Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration (ETA). Please find additional information below.

South Bay Workforce Investment Board 

We partner with South Bay Workforce Investment Board and their Job Center South Bay One Stop. South Bay One stop provides support for adults seeking employment. Services include job placement, resume assistance, interview techniques and financial support for industry training. 

Find a One Stop near you. Visit their website

Department of Rehabilitation 

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) serves individuals with disabilities, individuals getting services from Regional Center or Independent Living Center, and individuals who are blind/visually impaired or deaf/hard of hearing.

DOR provides Employment, Education and Training Services that support individuals in getting a job, keeping a job, or promoting in your current job.To find out more information visit

Employment Development Department

The Employment Development Department of the State of California provides supportive services for job seekers. To find out more information visit their website

SoCal Workforce Project

The SoCal Workforce Project is an initiative of the US Department of Labor - Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and is designed to support adults in their pursuit of career advancement through industry-certified programs.

This initiative is offering students the opportunity to receive a 50% reimbursement on their course fees and 100% reimbursement on the REQUIRED supplies and materials. The incentive program encourages students to not only excel in the programs in which they are enrolling, but also develop resume and interview skills to help increase their chances of finding gainful employment.

To check if you meet the initial qualifications, refer to the SoCal Workforce Project flier. For further details and requirements please refer to the Program Guidelines

Fee Waiver Program

Students who qualify will receive a 20% discount on a course fee. Students must apply for a waiver at time of initial registration. 

How to qualify:


Documents Needed

  • Current copy of Notification Letter (Cash Assistance) or GN 6006
  • Valid Social Security Cards
  • Valid CA Driver License or ID


Documents Needed

  • Current Award Letter
  • Valid Social Security Card
  • Valid CA Driver License or ID


Documents Needed

  • Current copy of Verifications of Benefits (Cash Assistance) from DPSS 
  • Valid Social Security Card
  • Valid CA Driver License or ID

YOU EARN $34,000 per year or less 

Documents Needed

  • 1040 Income Tax Return form for the most recent filing period (*handwritten forms are not accepted)
  • W-2(s) or 1099(s) verifying annual income of $34,00 or less
  • Valid Social Security Card
  • Valid CA Driver license or ID

* If you did not file an income tax return because you were claimed as a dependent, you must provide a copy of the form submitted by the person(s) who claimed you, and this must show an income of $34,000 or less for you to qualify.

For more information contact:

Southern California Regional Occupational Center

2300 Crenshaw Boulevard, Torrance CA 90501