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Do you love working with animals and would like to turn that love into a career. Pet grooming is a fast growing and in-demand field that can lead to self-employment! This course can also be an introduction into a career of working with animals and many of the skills you learn can be applied in many other professions!

Students will learn to perform animal grooming duties such as washing, brushing, clipping, and trimming coats, cutting nails, and cleaning ears. Students will learn how to Interpret animal behavior and identify grooming needs on live dogs!

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

1. Brief Introduction to Dog and Cat Types 
a. Personalities
b. General handling 

2. Basic Anatomy and Health Care of Dogs and Cats
a. Structures of dogs and cats in relation to body parts and purposes; basic health care;
informing the pet owner of problems noticed while grooming

3. Introduction to Dog Grooming
a. Use and proper care of equipment and grooming tools; dog nail trimmers, brushes, electrical clippers, guard comb, grooming scissors

4. Preparation of Dogs for Grooming
a. Combing and brushing techniques; cleaning ears; nail clipping; taking care of eyes, stomach, and rectal area.

5. Bathing and Drying
a. Procedures for using shampoos, conditioners, and flea products; basic bathing and drying

6. Basic Cuts and Grooming Procedures
a. Procedures to treat mats; shaving down a dog; choosing the proper cut.

7. Grooming Small and Non-Sporting Dogs 
a. Various types of terriers and the particular cuts for each type; terminology related to terriers.
Detailed look at a representative breed in that group
b. Types of non-sporting dogs; various breeds; original purpose of these dogs; non-sporting
breed cuts; detailed look at a representative breed in that group
c. Types of toy breeds; original purpose of these dogs; terminology and cut procedures; detailed
look at a representative breed in that group

8. Origin and Original Purpose of Dog Grooming
a. breed identification
b. breed cuts

9. Grooming Mixed Breeds and Puppies 
a. Types of cuts; terminology; procedures; choosing the
mixed breed cut.
b. Proper handling of puppies; types of grooming problems associated with puppies; grooming
in stages; recognizing signs of stress; introducing the puppy to clippers; bathing and drying
puppies; the positive grooming experience.

10. Dog Behavior and Personalities 
a. The various personality types; groomer responsibilities; hazards; various
procedures/techniques for working with each type of dog.
b. Owner notification of problems; protection of self and others; proper use of muzzles;
instruction of owners to curb grooming behavior problems.

11. Grooming Cats 
a. Different types of cat personalities are discussed; problems faced by groomers with each;
hazards; kitten personalities and problems.
b. Proper handling procedures; combing and brushing procedures; dematting and shaving
down; bathing and drying procedures; grooming kittens.

12. The Business Side of Grooming
a. Job descriptions in a typical grooming business
b. Setting prices
c. Phone procedures
d. Customer service
e. Record keeping; advertising
f. Accounting and payroll
g. Zoning regulations

Professional Certification Opportunities!

Designations offered to students completing the Pet Health and Grooming course include

- A Certificate of Competency displaying industry knowledge of pet grooming

- Eligibility to take Advanced Pet Grooming

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

Dog Groomer
Dog Grooming Business Owner
Veterinary Assistant


Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the SoCal ROC Pet Health and Grooming course.

In order to enroll in the program, students must:

High school 

  •  Open to Grade Levels 9-12th


Purchase of apparel and materials is required for adults, but is optional for our district high school students. Please contact registration for full list.

Complete in 1 Semester: M/W from 4:15pm - 7:00pm 

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