Electrician Programs

Looking for a job with career growth? The skills you will learn are in high-demand and can be applied in all areas of electrical installation. Electricians are a highly skilled trade and have high job security, high job growth, and you do not need a college degree. Our General Electrician program is state approved and is a 2 semester program. Upon completion of the entire program students will be eligible to obtain an Electrical Trainee Card (ET Card) and receive education credit hours.

Electrical trainees are not the same as apprentices. The difference between an apprentice and a trainee is that an apprenticeship program may last between three to four years. An electrical trainee can register for an ET card, and then can work full or part-time on the job supervised under a licensed electrician.

Our Residential Electrical Wiring course is a great introduction to the electrical field. High school students and adults will gain practical experience in electrical wiring and codes. Sixty percent of the student’s time will be spent in hands-on labs placing heavy emphasis on circuit design, practical wiring techniques, and circuit logic.

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Electrical Residential Wiring

Intro to Electrical Wiring for High School Students 

General Electrician Module I - III

Electrical Theory, Conduit Bending, and Residential Wiring

General Electrician Module IV - VI

Commercial/Industrial Wiring, Electric Motors, Motor Controls and Intro to PLC