The mission of SoCal ROC is to provide all students though industry-linked programs the skills and knowledge necessary to attain their career goals in order to become economically self-sufficient and be a successful contributor to society and a global economy.


All students will have the opportunity to participate in a high-quality, rigorous, and relevant course of study made up of Career Technical Education (CTE) courses aligned to CTE Standards and Academic standards. Courses shall be reviewed on an annual basis with industry partners so as to meet industry standards and expectations ensuring that skills and theory taught will prepare students for further study and preparation for high skilled, high wage, and technologically “green” focused career areas of today and tomorrow.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

Students will develop and execute a multi-year career plan by:
  • Understanding Career Pathways
  • Identifying a career area of focus
  • Enrolling in a course within a Career Pathway
  • Demonstrating job specific skills/competencies necessary to attain a course certificate
  • Developing job readiness skills
  • Pursuing training to advance in a Career Pathway
  • Demonstrating knowledge of future career options
Students will demonstrate professional behavior in the workplace by:
  • Communicating effectively
  • Demonstrating leadership qualities that contribute to the organization
  • Effectively managing time
  • Building relationships through collaboration and teamwork
  • Thinking critically/solving problems
  • Dressing appropriately for a career
  • Demonstrating flexibility, resiliency, and perseverance
Students will anticipate and adjust to ongoing economic and workforce trends by:
  • Demonstrating entrepreneurial characteristics
  • Demonstrating technological literacy
  • Being resourceful and innovative
  • Using resources to acquire knowledge
  • Setting priorities and adapting as priorities change
  • Taking courses that are aligned with current industry standards
Students will understand and demonstrate ethical and legal behavior by:
  • Understanding and complying with all school rules and workplace regulation
  • Treating all people with respect
  • Demonstrating appreciation for cultural diversity
  • Demonstrating honesty and integrity
  • Demonstrating responsibility and accountability in fulfilling community and workplace roles
  • Demonstrating appropriate customer service skills