SoCal ROC's welding program prepares high school and adult students for an in-demand, lucrative career in the welding industry. We offer the flexibility and industry training you need to jumpstart your career through our morning, afternoon, and night classes. Once you complete our program you will have the skills and knowledge to take the L.A. City Certification 3G and 4G Plates Examination and enter the workforce.

The introduction modules teach students welding and shop safety, equipment, trade math, weld testing, oxyacetylene cutting, and arc welding. The proceeding modules will focus on improving their skill level and cover ARC Welding-Aluminum, MIG Welding Steel, TIG-Welding Steel, TIG Welding-Aluminum, and TIG Welding- Stainless Steel.

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Welding I

OXY-Acetylene cutting and ARC Welding 6010

Welding II

ARC Welding 7018, ARC Welding-Aluminum, MIG Welding-Steel

Welding III

MIG Welding-Steel, TIG Welding-Steel, TIG Welding-Aluminum

Welding IV

TIG Welding-Aluminum and TIG Welding-Stainless Steel