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This course provides entry-level extensive hands-on training in the unlicensed field of Dental Assisting. This program is designed for adults with no prior experience who want to serve as entry-level Dental Assistant while working to become eligible to sit for the RDA exam.

This instructional program places focus on all aspects of chair side assisting within the dental profession. The core of the course is General Dentistry: placing focus on procedures tray setups, sterilization, radiology, equipment identification, laws and ethics, dental terminology and dental office protocol. Instructors provide basic skills which include strengthening and practicing communication skills, reinforcement of listening skills and following directions, utilizing basic math skills in a dental environment and reading to obtain information to perform chair side procedures.

Note: 216 hours of classroom attendance is required for basic classroom course instruction. These hours must be fulfilled for course completion.

  • Professional Certification Opportunities!
  • Designations offered to students completing the Dental Assisting for Adults program include
  • 1. Dental Radiology Safety Compliance, Dental Practice Act, and Infection Control Certificates
  • 2. The ability to apply for Dental Assisting positions and get paid while they earn their work hours
  • 3. After obtaining at least 15 months and 1280 hours in a dental office and taking a corornal polishing and pit and fissure sealant course, students will be eligible to sit for the RDA exam

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

Employment opportunities include entry-level positions in General Practice Dentistry.

Successful completion of this course will strengthen the student’s ability to continue education in the dental field such as a Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions, Hygienist or Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.).


Thank you for your interest in enrolling in the SoCal ROC Registered Dental Assisting (RDA) program.
The following items are required in order to enroll in the program:
 Must be at least 18 years old
 Provide proof of a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA or GED (translated into English)
 Provide proof of completing the HEPATITIS B vaccine series (3 injections) before externship or sign a vaccine waiver
 Provide proof of completed COVID-19 vaccine series
 Provide proof of a current American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers card only
 Sign a Student Waiver and Release Form
 Purchase of apparel and materials is required. Please contact registration for full list.

Note: If you do not have a record of the listed vaccines, you will need to request a blood test to check for immunity. Some externship sites may require the COVID-19 vaccine prior to beginning the externship.

Complete in 1 Semesters: Monday - Thursday from 4:15pm - 7:00pm or 7:00pm - 9:45pm

To access the most recent course schedule please call registration or click the link under Course Information. Please be advised schedule is subject to change.

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Phone: 310-224-4200