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The sculpting of the major characters and creatures is a crucial aspect of developing video games and films. Jumpstart your career in the film and video game industries by learn the fundamentals of sculpting characters and creatures. The coursework includes the study of vertebrate anatomy, character design skills, armature construction, and modeling techniques.

Learn Valuable Industry Skills!

1. Introduction to Maquette Modeling 
A. Materials - armature wire, clay
B. Methods – armatures, clay types and preparation, tools
C. Constructing armatures

2. Building the Armature
A. Human proportions
B. Scaling
C. Posing the armature

3. Human Skeleton
A. Human Skeleton
B. Establishing critical skeletal reference points

4. Human Musculature
A. Body masses
B. Muscle groups
C. Muscles – origins and insertions

5. Sculpting the Figure
A. Sequence of application of clay
B. Surface details
C. Finishing techniques and tools

6. Creature Skulls 
A. Human skulls
B. Animal skulls

7. Creature Facial Surface Anatomy
A. Skeletal influences
B. Tissue influences

8. Molding
A. Techniques
B. Types of molds
C. Materials: Alginates, Silicone, and Gypsum plasters

  • Professional Certification Opportunities!

Designations offered to students completing the Creature Scuplting for Games and Films course include:

1. Certificate of Competency 

Checkout Potential Career Options! 

  • Animator
  • Character Designer
  • Creature Sculptor
  • Sculptor’s Assistant
  • Sculpting and Texturing Artist

Thank you for your interest in enrolling in Creature Sculpting for Games and Films. The following is information about the program.

High school prerequisites: Open to Grade Levels 9-12th

Adult prerequisites: None 

TBD: Call Registration to express your interest

Benefits of CTE

After completing courses in CTE,  you will have a clearer vision of your future career path and what the next steps will be. Career Technical Education allows high school students to see what options are out there and see first-hand what careers they enjoy and thrive in. Whether you decide to enter the workforce, pursue a trade or apprenticeship, or apply to college, CTE adds to the traditional high school experience and is designed to prepare you for the next stage in your life.

Earn High School Credit!

You can earn 5 elective credits and satisfy CSU/UC Admissions Requirements » F » for Visual and Performing Arts (upon completing this course and Advanced Creature Sculpting for Games and Films)

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