Dr. Darcy Calvillo

Director of Technology and Operations
[email protected]

Darcy is a native Californian, from the city of Alhambra. He started his career in 1980 entering the US Air Force. From that time until 2001 he worked in technology for companies like NASA/JPL, T-Mobile, MCI Telecom and many others as a technician and for 6 years as a director. In 2004 he began his teaching career, while also supporting technology. At this point Darcy continued to work on his MAED, MBA and Ed.D. He has been a Bilingual Spanish, Special Education, ESL, Computer Science Teacher and a host of others, supporting school districts: LAUSD, Inglewood Unified, SFUSD and several others in Orange County. He has three years of Higher Education teaching and has been a University Dean, supporting Education, Business and Technology departments. Darcy is a former ITT Tech Professor. In his free time he has volunteered to help parents in several organizations. His hobbies include Martial Arts, Kayaking, Singing, and spending time with his family.