Under the direct supervision of the Superintendent, the Maintenance and Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing all activities associated with the Center's facilities and grounds including on-going maintenance, health and safety issues, deferred maintenance projects, new construction, and modernization projects.


  • Plans, organizes, and directs activities addressing deferred and preventative maintenance on facilities and large equipment.
  • Provides guidance, supervises personnel within the department, and assigns appropriate duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinates inspections of facilities with SCROC administration and representatives from outside entities.
  • Coordinates and monitors large equipment, including automobiles, and donations to the Center.
  • Evaluates the work of custodial services contractor to assure conformance to contract terms and develops bid specifications for such services.
  • Chairs Center Safety Committee.
  • Maintains current and complete fire prevention and a disaster plan for Center.
  • Stays informed and current regarding regulations established by AQMD, EPA, OSHA, and other local/city ordinances.
  • Attends appropriate workshops and skills training (i.e. ASCIP safety workshops).
  • Develops and monitors a budget for the Maintenance & Operations Department.
  • Oversees all functions related to vending machines located at the Center.
  • Coordinates the removal and disposal of all hazardous wastes and maintains accurate and current reports of such materials and activities.
  • Issues and maintains records of all keys issued to personnel.
  • Maintains all Center permits and licenses (i.e. elevators, fire alarms, etc…).
  • Responsible for preparing RFP's and providing input to Superintendent for negotiating contracts for various outside contract services.
  • Evaluates Maintenance and Operations personnel.
  • Responds to calls from Center administration, police, fire, and alarm company outside the normal hours of operation.
  • Performs other duties/work as assigned.

To inquire about this position, contact Dr. Helaire at (310) 224-4216 or email us at [email protected]

Schedule: Monday – Thursday, 40 Hours per week