Teach a program that provides students the opportunity to learn advanced animal principles, know and respect diversity in the animal kingdom, and become animal advocates for animal welfare on all levels encompassing family pets, domestic livestock, and wildlife resources. This course will incorporate research methods to perform i studies of the anatomy and physiology of a variety of animal species, science labs, and advanced communication and critical thinking skills. This program prepares students for advanced post-secondary level education in animal science, biology, and/or zoology.


Teach a program that provides entry-level training in the unlicensed veterinary assistant/technician field. The program includes, but is not limited to, animal handling and restraint, anatomy, laws and ethics, and veterinary office procedures. Instruction is designed to provide students with opportunities for entry-level positions in animal veterinary hospitals, boarding kennels, and animal control agencies.


  • Perform the primary role of a leader of learning as assigned.
  • Assist in integrating industry and academic standards within curriculum development.
  • Provide group and individual instruction utilizing the most effective teaching strategies.
  • Assist in recruitment and prepare students for employment or advancement.
  • Evaluate student skill competencies and job readiness and maintain accurate student attendance records.
  • Manage the classroom in such a manner as to ensure an environment conducive to learning.
  • Complete and deliver written records and reports as required.
  • Participate actively in the subject matter advisory committee.
  • Keep abreast of current practices and training methods.
  • Ability to relate to high-school-age-students and adults.
  • Perform other job-related duties as required.

To inquire about this position, contact Dr. Helaire at (310) 224-4216 or email us at [email protected]

Schedule: 2022 SCHOOL YEAR / Part-time, Days & Hours TBD