Pharmacy Programs

Our Pharmacy Program provides courses to help high school students and adults explore the field of pharmacology. Our program helps strengthen their ability to continue their education and become pharmacy technicians and work alongside licensed pharmacists. As a pharmacy technician, you can work in a variety of areas such as hospitals, general practices, patients' homes, armed forces, prisons, and the pharmaceutical industry. Our programs can act as a launching pad towards various healthcare careers including senior pharmacy technician, pharmacy sales, advanced specialties such as chemotherapy tech or nuclear pharmacy tech, and with continued education advanced healthcare careers such as a pharmacist, doctor, or nurse.

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Intro to Pharmacy Technician

Are you intrigued by chemistry? Want to use this curiosity to unwrap the mysteries and benefits of pharmacology?

Pharmacy Technician

Does chemistry intrigue you? Uncover what it takes to enter the career of a PHARMACY TECHNICIAN.