Home Care Aide

Shifts: Days, Nights, and Weekends (We can easily work around school schedules)

Shift Length: 8 - 12 hours (Full-time & Part-time)

Pay Rate: $15.50 per hour

Overtime Rate: $23.25 per hour

Extras: Paid training, performance bonuses, holiday pay premium, sick time, meals, mileage, and more

You can provide the following link (below) to the individuals that you would recommend for our available positions. Feel free to simply forward this email to them. You can also have the candidates reach out to us at our office if they would like additional information.

South Bay Office: (310) 370-2122

Online Application Link for South Bay Office:  https://presidiohomecaresouthbay.applicantstack.com/x/detail/a2xh8y6rm51e