Orthodontic dental assistant

GENERAL DUTIES:  Instrument sterilization, taking radiographs, setting up and cleaning chairs for patients, assisting the doctor chairside

JOB DESCRIPTION:  An orthodontic assistant helps the doctor with taking radiographs, scanning teeth using a digital scanner, and taking photographs for new patients.  The assistant helps the doctor with fitting bands and placing brackets, removing and replacing archwires, polishing teeth, and taking impressions. 

NOTE: If the assistant is just out of school, the doctor will train the assistant on all the above.  We also accept assistants looking for internships to fulfill their graduation requirements.

REQUIREMENTS:  RDA.  Must have an outgoing personality and a team player. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:  Dr. Sepideh Ariarad, Phone: 310-567-0120, Email:  2drsepi@safeemails.net